Radio Polarimeter Data

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Radio Polarimeter Data


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Dear Members:

I have developed a simple radio polarimeter for 11 GHz. With ~1 ft. diameter symmetric parabolic dish, my instrument can scan solar disk and indicate the ratio of vertical vers. horizontal polarization component.
I started in Dec.2007; when there were no sunspots, the recorded response was an S-curve (like a phase-discriminator response), and smooth. When there were sunspots, the S-curve was serrated. Then again, with a clear Sun, a smooth response.
I have tried to consult radio astronomers in Finnland and in Japan. They indicated that the response is probably correct but the correlation with sunspots seemed impossible.
I am now waiting to see more solar activity, and the response of my instrument.
Living in Santa Barbara, CA, we often have clear sky; clouds and haze does attenuate 11 GHz, so I do not operate the polarimeter when the sky is not clear.
I would welcome the comments from experts in radio polarimetry. If you are interested in technical details, please leave your e-mail address; I will respond.

Thank you, Jiri Polivka