PEAS - SW for analysis of P.E. FFT

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PEAS - SW for analysis of P.E. FFT


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[glb]P E A S [/glb]
is an abbreviation of

Periodic Error Analyzing Software,
simple program for evaluation and analysis of periodical errors P.E. & FFT in equatorial mount.

Standard methods of evaluation of P.E. and FFT are very complicated, take a lot of time, need sophisticated software (e.g. MATHLAB or SIGVIEW) and knowledge how to use it.

Mr. Karel Siman - author of this czech program PEAS - gave us solution of this problems.
He developed very effective and friendly to use program - totally FREE for all. No fees, no restrictions.

For those amateurs who are interested, there is a third version of program PEAS:
Zipped program distribution size is about 950 kB and contains some extras - four diffrent input data files acquired in AutoGuider, IRIS, AstroSnap and K3CCD software by WEBCAM.

Any help with testing procedure of PEAS would be highly appreciated.
Jan Grecner
E-mail: jan(dot)grecner(at)telecom(dot)cz