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Astroforum is goin' international !!! Let's share the ideas worldwide...
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Příspěvek od CDev »

first thing: don't laugh for me english :clown:

[move]So, you have very nice functions there:) And emotikons are cool :bandana: This is my favourite one: :toilet:[/move]

[glb]Myslím že je to dobrý nápad[/glb]
Czemu uwazacie ze to byl dobry napad? Jaki napad? ;D ;D :D ;)

I hope that we'll be good "friends" and neighbours and atmosphere will be fine and soft. It will be better days and it will be worse days but DAMY RADE!!!!!! ;D
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Příspěvek od MP »

Well, lets make it really international - we can communicate using emotions only ! It will be clear for everyone from any part of the Universe - e.g. this :bounce: is probably for Mars citizens. But it would be usefull to add some astronomical emotions. ( I know, these
:banghead: :toilet: :hanged: are astronomical enough ).
e-mail : mpec(at)cce(dot)cz&&
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Příspěvek od michau »

Hi! To:CDev-napad znaczy po naszemu pomysł ;)
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Příspěvek od Pawel_Maksym »

Honza !
Pardon me if I introduce myself - my name is Pawel Maksym and I've been a amateur astronomer for eleven years now.
I’ve had my own home observing station since 1998 and have been successful in my work in the occutations. As You all see I'm a big occultations lover. But I'm also iterested in comets & virables sters observations.

Starry Sky
Pawel Maksym
LODZ - central Poland
N 51 48 37.7 E 19 27 39.3 h=230 m n.p.m. (WGS 84) - GPS 12 Map (acc. 3.1)&&&&I love occultations !
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Příspěvek od Myzer »

Greetings all amateur astronomers in Poland  :hi:
Be careful! There are also some people from Slovakia. /for example: Myzer ;D, FunTomas, igi, .../ in the astroforum.
It is not a problem understand each another language Slovak and Czech. But with Polish it is already a little bad.  :-X
I think it is a great idea unite our experience together.
In Slovakia was too all the time cloudy  :mad:, when the aurora appeared, but the Moon eclipse was beautiful.  :nod:

I can read /and translate/ every English text, but please excuse me, my English grammar isnt still OK. - Visual deep-sky observing&&Kontakt na Skype: myzer16
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Příspěvek od Malek »

Slovaks are the most sympathetic nation I know ::) :::...&&&&ETX-90/RA - Mak 90/1250mm
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Příspěvek od abigail »

hello everyone
witam serdecznie :mad2:
I'am verry happy to know you czy coś takiego wkażdym razie ciesze sie żze tu jestem chociaż prawie nic nie kumam I love you slowacy :hi:
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Příspěvek od Menhunotep »

Greetings to all,

It was great idea to create this one part of Astro4um. Thank You Shodam, now we may exchange our experiences and ideas between more countries. :hi:
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Příspěvek od Vatzek »

Hi, greatings from Poland!
Clear Skies!!
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Příspěvek od Marlosk »

Hi Vatzek!
Are you often on Astroforum?
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Příspěvek od T.o.m »

Hi Vatzek, what about the weather in in CR it´s terrible, only clouds, nothing else.
Visit us more often! ;)
Tom :hi:
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Příspěvek od dpicanto »

Shodam !!! (Jan Zabransky)

Jetzt mal auf Deutsch....
Warum hast Du Geld mit Internet-Pornos gemacht ?
Warum verletzt Du Jana's Eltern ?
Warum hast Du mein Leben zerstört ???
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Příspěvek od MMys »

Do You think so Shodam will you answer here ?

If you have some problems with him, write to him directly and do not mess on Astroforum. I don't care how Shodam makes your money and problem with Shodam, Jana and her parents is between you and Shodam, so why discuss it on astroforum.

Martin,, e-mail: martin(*)myslivec(a)volny(*)cz, Dobson 400mm, N400/1600, Refraktor Borg 77ED, Montáž EQ6, Hvězdárna s montáží vlastní výroby, kamery MII C3-61000, ZWO ASI 1600MM
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Příspěvek od shodam »

pro všechny:

Omlouvám se všem uživatelům astrofóra za dočasné ponechání "off-topic" příspěvků dpicanta na fóru. Jejich odstanění by v tuto chvíli bohužel nemělo žádný smysl. >:(
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Příspěvek od MaG »

Nic se neděje. Věřím, že uživatelům fóra do toho nic není. My sme tu kvůli astronomii a jeho výlevy mě nezajímají.

No harm done Shodam, I take care only about astronomy and no about some dummy people as he.
Martin Gembec, Astronomické události
EQ6 SynScan, Celestron ED80/600+Vixen 0,67x, Orion Optics Newton CT8 200/900 s Paracorrem, Canon 6D, 30Dmod