Cráter Tycho 21-01-13

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Paco Yepes Hernand
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Cráter Tycho 21-01-13

Příspěvek #1 od Paco Yepes Hernand » 28. 01. 2013, 15:58

Well, this time I leave a powerful socket with Tycho crater 85 km in diameter and 4.8 km deep, hope you like it. # links

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Cráter Tycho 21-01-13

Příspěvek #2 od Jazzmen » 28. 01. 2013, 16:35

Hi Paco,

This is indeed very good and detailed snapshot of tycho crater. One of the best i've ever seen. However I guess that seeing could have been a bit better :). Anyway great shot and I like it very much.

Just one remark to moderator, maybe this can be moved to the relevant thread.
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